Hearthstone Manchester Wood Stove

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Clean-burning, efficient, and versatile, the Manchester presents Hearthstone performance in cast iron style. Using a convection air system with an integrated cast iron heat exchanger, the Manchester provides extraordinary heating efficiency for your home. A soapstone-lined firebox captures and stores heat, so you enjoy a longer HeatLife.   Available in Brown or Black

Heats up to: 2,400 sq ft
Firebox Capacity: 2.9 cu ft
Size: Up to 78,000 BTUs
EPA Certified: 3.0 gph
Efficiency: 80% LHV
Burn Time: Up to 12 hours
HeatLife: Up to 14 hours
Maximum Log Length: 24″

Soapstone-lined interior:

extended HeatLife

Right or left side door:

flexible installation

Oven-style side door:

helps keep ashes in firebox

Convection air channel with heat exchanger:

encourages airflow, moves heat throughout home

Decorative cast rear heat shield:

Finished look from any angle

Top or rear flue exit:

flexible installation

Single lever stove control:

easy operation, consistent performance

Non-catalytic combustion system:

clean burning, efficient, reduces creosote build-up

Removable ash tray:

easy to clean, easily accessible

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