Fire Chief Model 1900

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The Fire Chief Model 1900 brings clean burning technology with longer burn times than ever in an EPA Certified Forced Air Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace. Burning with wood is a smart fuel choice. Wood is sustainable, renewable, and cost effective!

Heats up to 5000 square feet with a capacity for logs up to 26 inches in length!

The new Fire Chief models provide a 33% longer burn time, and gets up to 50% more usable heat from every wood load.

The Model 1900 is designed to heat your whole home with its strong 1800 CFM blower controlled by the Digital Honeywell thermostat for fuel conservation.

Product Brochure

Made in USA — Manufactured in St. Louis, Missouri

Outdoor Furnace Specifications FC1900
Heat Area 2500-5000 sq ft.
Burn Time Up to 15 Hours
Firebox 5.1 Cubic Feet
Log Size 26″
Maximum Input Capacity (Dry Firewood) 648,000 BTU
Warm Air Output Temperature (Max) 200°
Blower Single Speed, 1800 CFM
Hot Air Plenum Output 10″ Round
Filter Box / Filter Size Std / 20″ x 25″ x 1″
Grate System 360° Cast Iron Roller Grate
Ash pan Yes
Flue Pipe Diameter 6″
Particulate Emissions .29lbs / million BTUs
Warranty-Firebox and Grate Limited Lifetime
Warranty-Electrical Components 1 Year
Warranty-Blower 2 Years
Size with Filter Box ( Front / Side / Height) 26″ / 58″ / 59″
Weight 720 lbs
Clearance to Combustibles
Front / Rear / Sides 48″ / 12″ / 6″
To Main Furnace / Main Duct / Chimney Connector 12″ / 2″ / 18″