Blazing Beats Fire Table


Blazing Beats is excited to introduce the first generation of sound responsive fire products using our Sound Visualization Fire Burner. This burner combined with our Fire Synchronization Chamber is what creates a visual experience like never before combining your favorite music with fire. Contact us today before you plan your next outdoor event, because after our fire pit, your events will never be the same.  Our dancing fire pits are capable of using either propane or natural gas as a fuel source depending on the chosen model.
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Premium Outdoor Audio

The marine-grade, weather-resistant audio components are available as a

Self-Contained (SAS) or a Component (CAS) audio system which is designed to

integrate with new or existing outdoor audio systems giving you ultimate flexibility.

Fire Synchronization Chamber

The heart and soul of the Blazing Beats fire features.

The chamber guides either propane or natural gas, along with the sound waves of your music,

through the inner chamber and to the Sound Visualization Burner.

Sound Visualization Burner

Engineered with 14-gauge 304 stainless steel the burner illuminates sound waves

with fire through micro-perforated holes allowing you to see your music in a

two-dimensional sound-flame experience.